Wealthcraft Capital




About Wealthcraft Capital, Inc.

Wealthcraft Capital is focused on acquiring private companies that have a focus on the improvement of physiological and psychological wellness.  The Company intends to acquire controlling interests in businesses that have products and brands that can be introduced to new markets such as patient-based facilities and clinics. Through education and feedback from these markets, the Company plans to assemble the data necessary for further product development and clinical research.

About Geaux Industries


Geaux Industries (“Geaux”), a provider of security services for commercial, retail and industrial customers, with customized services and special patrol methods applicable for the cannabis industry. Geaux is licensed by California Department of Consumer Affairs. For selected security operations, it does business under the franchised name of Signal 88 Security. Geaux will continue to address the marketplace with innovative new technologies and services and creative business models for the traditional and non-traditional businesses.