Wealthcraft Capital




Wealthcraft Capital, Inc.

Wealthcraft Capital is a health and wellness company focused on the CBD industry. Our objective is to create partnerships through investment and acquisitions of CBD businesses where we contribute capital, expertise and access to public capital markets in Canada and the US. 

The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, coupled with upcoming regulations from the FDA, will be a catalyst for growth in both the retail market for CBD and appetite for institutional investment into the sector. We believe that those companies who have access to capital first will have the best opportunity to build a reliable supply chain, create brand awareness and secure distribution channels. As parts of the supply chain become commoditized over time, we will focus on wellness-oriented brands supported by clinical research. 

Our team of executives and active shareholders have decades of experience in private equity, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance and regulatory compliance. By partnering with solid operational management, we ensure that our partner business are operated in a transparent and professional manner and the equity of our partners and the investment of our shareholders is properly aligned for success.

Over the past 18 months we have reviewed hundreds of opportunities and entered into due diligence with over a dozen CBD businesses including cultivators, processors, brand and distribution companies across the western US. Our first investment in March 2018 was into an ancillary (non-plant touching) business in the California real estate security and maintenance business called Geaux Industries. As FDA regulations around good manufacturing practices (GMP) come into effect, real estate maintenance and security will become a critical part of corporate compliance.

Each investment or acquisition includes a cash investment into the business and anissuance of Wealthcraft stock. We provide performance incentives where the principals will benefit from the growth in their businesses and play a key role in Wealthcraft’s overall strategy and success. 

Geaux Industries


Geaux Industries (“Geaux”), a provider of security services for commercial, retail and industrial customers, with customized services and special patrol methods applicable for the cannabis industry. Geaux is licensed by California Department of Consumer Affairs. For selected security operations, it does business under the franchised name of Signal 88 Security. Geaux will continue to address the marketplace with innovative new technologies and services and creative business models for the traditional and non-traditional businesses.